Weddings are a big affair and the investment is huge. Everything from catering to your wedding dress costs money. Most couples face problems because they choose not to discuss finance with each other. While it is a tricky to talk about money with your partner, it is always best to get it out the way in the beginning. Wedding Photographers in Delhi

1. Set your Budget

Decide how much you are willing to spend on your wedding and draft a rough budget. This will help you plan for your big day more efficiently. Set specific budgets for food, decorations and ambience, venue, and clothes. This will also help you.

2. Share the costs

Discuss with your partner and your families to find out who is willing to contribute for what. For example, the groom’s family might be interested in sponsoring the reception party, or the bride’s family might offer to pay for the catering charges. Sharing the costs, helps ease the burden of a single pocket.


3. Book in advance

The earlier you book your caterer, entertainment, and venue, the cheaper they will be. Most people offer a significant early-bird discount that would help you save big bucks in your budget.

4. DIY your wedding favours

Use popular DIY ideas to make small gifts for give-aways. This will make for a memorable present adding a personal touch. Everyone will cherish these presents for much longer. A simple Google search will get you hundreds of easy DIY ideas for you to try.


5. Just ask for the discount

Most people do not get to enjoy discounts just because they are too shy to ask for one. Weddings are a booming business for many. Most businesses offer discounts at par with their competition. Just ask your vendors for discounts and you will be surprised at how much you save. Every penny you save will make a huge difference in your overall budget.

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